United states are a fantastic place for vacation to visit the places that you are interested in sports, Agriculture, Architecture, fashion, food, or nature. America is the people looking for opportunities called land opportunities. In everyone’s lifetime, a traveler likes to spend time in America. Your experience of the beaches, geographically diverse foods, research and development, and Silicon Valley in the country.

Silicon Valley is famous for the I.T. industry in America. America has many places like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Washington dc, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Utah’s National Parks, Orlando, Chicago, Disney land, Yosemite national park, Yellow stone, Niagara Falls. America is the most loved place to get relax and spend time increase more productivity. America is abundant in destinations, and exotic nightlife can intensify your spirits in the country. America has many places and described below in every miniature way.


  1.  New York

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA
              Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

New York is the top-rated state in the united states and many more places to see in the city. The city covered up with amazing statues and parks along with the tallest buildings in the country. New York is a beautiful place to watch the movie sets scenes in real life and the New York Times corner, which shows the celebration of every year’s welcome day in the ball event. New York has many places to see and experience them by roaming around the city.

New York has a beautiful statue called “statue of liberty.” New York walking sets will be like a movie set in every turn EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, ROCKEFELLER PLAZA, CHRYSLER BUILDING, CENTRAL PARK, TIME SQUARE, and 5TH AVENUE BROADWAY.

central park
                                  CENTRAL PARK

New York has the time square, which is always busiest Street in the country and surrounded by the large display screen with electrified ads in the square atmosphere. It is covered with famous theatres, shopping, and dining in the Street. It has attracted millions of tourists and visitors around the world. New York time square got the name from the famous paper called the New York Times paper got famous in the country. Times square which ads are appeared from 1904 and located in the center of the city. Times square also entertainment around the Broadway theatre in the street corner which is shown movie sets.

Time square celebrates the new year eve ball drop which is famous around the globe and count down exactly 11:57 pm in the screens are transformed into 3min art show. New York has the tourist attraction which is the tallest building in America. New York has the tallest observatory from the top floor called one world observatory which situated on the top floors on one world trade known as freedom trader. New York city observatory provides a panoramic view for tourists and visitors in the virtually featuring elevator ride in the building the time-lapse recreating the development of New York City from 1500 to the present day.


Central Park is famous in New York, which is covered 830 alate 1cres of land. In the 890s, Central Park is famous for ice-skating and later years after the city is developed along with the park. Park provides people connecting the streets, momentum in the park, statues, playgrounds for kids, reduce the stress for busy people, and experience the bridges connecting the museums and halls. Central Park in the middle of the city, which is connected by Manhattan and surrounded by tall buildings in city life.

Wall street is actual Street, which is located in New York street, and the largest stock Exchanges in the world New York stock exchange and NASDAQ are both located in the wall street. In the Street, you can see the Brave Girl and Bull statues in the Street and get a history of it.  Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom and democracy in the country. Statue of liberty is gifted from France as the symbol of friendship to the united states in 1886. Statue of Liberty is located in the New York harbor

·        San Francisco

San Francisco is a historic and popular bridge in the country. San Francisco has the many places around the visit bridges, tallest buildings, and experience the park, momentum, statues, pools, and plates of seafood in the ocean corner. San Francisco has a famous place called Fisherman’s wharf, which is popular around 1800 with food for hordes of gold rushers, and it became home base for their fishing fleet. In 1970, it became a famous tourist attraction and it includes interesting locations like restaurants, shops, and attractions. Here you can see the sea lions, bay cruises, carousel infinite mirror maze, and aquarium. San Francisco cable cars connecting the city and last cable car system of its kind in the world.


The Monumental structure built for 1915 called as Palace of fine arts Panama-pacific international exposition to show the world. The Architecture features a lagoon and walkways with art exhibitions and a favorite spot for weddings. Take a short walk through this amazing architectural masterpiece. You can also visit the wave activated acoustic sculpture located near the effects and intensity vary depending on the level of the tide. You can experience the sound of the ocean and enjoy the nature.

Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed picture and recognized American symbol in the world. Golden Gate Bridge is the best bridge and wonders of the modern world. It was built in 1937 as the longest suspension bridge at the time of its construction. It is the tallest bridge constructed across san Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. Golden Gate bridge is the international orange paint and its picturesque surroundings which side hides the best spot for a selfie with an iconic piece of history. Lombard Street, with its steep, one-block section with eight turns, claimed to be “the most crooked street in the world.”



Sutro baths are the open area which was the once the largest swimming pool in the world. Later baths struggled for many years due to high maintenance costs and transformed into an ice-skating rink. You will find the camera obscura a very rare device from the 15th century by Leonardo da Vinci. It gives you a 360-degree view of live images of seal rock area.

Golden Gate Park is the large urban park around 1000 acres featuring hills, lakes, meadows, gardens, playgrounds, and buildings. The park is full of interesting locations such as Conservatory of flowers, Japanese tea garden, beautiful stow lake with Golden Gate pavilion and strawberry hill, Alvord lake Bridge. Alcatraz island got its name from the Spanish word defined as “pelican” or “strange bird.” The Island is famous for prison and constructed in the 19th century in 1911.prison was forced to shut down in 1963 due to high maintenance costs and a bad reputation. Island is open for the public to see, and please book the ticket in advance.

·        Las Vegas  


Las Vegas is a paradise named hotspot for entertainment and always shows a neon boarding sign, which is more iconic and exciting in the city. Las Vegas, which is filled with the hotel with casinos, neon museum, stratosphere tower, High roller, and red rock canyon. Las Vegas is the casino paradise and entertainment with a skyscraper tower with a 360-degree view in the city. We have category as according to design and flow continue to enjoy in every moment.

Las Vegas is full of neon boarding signs, and old arts are collected in one place. Neon Museum Las Vegas offers varies collection of iconic Las vegas sign were down they are demolished or renovated. You can enjoy the view of a simple walk in a single day.

Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas street, which is in the center of the city and home for a casino such as Binion Horseshoe, Eldorado Club and Fremont hotel and casino. The Street is full covered of LCD display featuring viva vision light shows and specular ways to see by flying on their slot Zilla zip line. Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free-standing observation tower and stretching over 1,100 feet above Las Vegas. You can even jump from the tower on their sky jump, which Holds the record and enjoy the X-scream thrill ride in the tower.


High roller Ferris wheel offers a 360-degree view of the city takes around the 30-minute ride in one of its 28 cabins. You can even choose the bars and enjoy the party with a celebration high above Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a place full of extraordinary with unique stores hard to find anywhere in the world. You can enjoy the coca-cola store and M&M’s store or experience the chocolate world right across the Street.

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was built in 1959 and which is recognized sign official considered southern end of the Las Vegas strip designed by the betty wills. You can ever similar sign based on this design all over Las Vegas. You can enjoy the iconic place and get exciting to take a selfie place in history.

Hoover Dam is the largest dam in the world located in Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border between Nevada and Arizona. The dam is finished during the Deep Depression in 1936 and it is the tallest dam in the world. You can enjoy here pouring water downstream and get water into the sky as a powerful updraft created by the dam.

·        Washington DC  

Washing Dc is the capital of America country and located in Maryland and Virginia. It is fully covered beautiful monuments, buildings, and a white house along with the supreme court. Washington is fully of patriotism covered showed by the historic museums, monuments, arts, and culture in the city. You can even feel the vibe in you through the arts and achievements of the country. We have shared our experience with you in miniature way from Washing DC.

Washing Monument is the stone obelisk located on the National Mall with 554ft or 169 m tall made out of the different types of stone include different tones of stone include revealing marble change in the source of the material when construction was stopped and later continued. It was completed in1844 and tallest structure made mostly of stone in the world.

Abraham Lincoln 16th president paid tribute by Lincoln memorial. This marble structure was modeled on Parthenon in Greece and constructed in 1922. The interior has 3 chambers in which the Central chamber houses a 19-foot statue of Lincoln. One of the most symbolic American monuments is Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream.” You can best view the Lincoln Memorial across the Reflecting Pool, which beautifully illuminates the monument. Many memorials like The Korean War Veterans Memorial commemorating military members who served during the Korean War. World War II Memorial Thomas Jefferson Memorial resembles the Parthenon in Rome with a 19-foot statue of Thomas Jefferson Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial featuring a 30-foot statue of MLK carved into the Stone of Hope, and a large granite wall showing excerpts of his speeches and sermons.

Washington DC is collectively known for U.S. Botanic Garden is famous among North America’s oldest Botanic Gardens, built in the year 1820, and free admission for living planet museum aimed to inform about the importance of plants to humans and earth through exhibits, tour, and programs for tourists of all age. You will find room for rare and endangered plants in the Gardens.


Washington is a large collection of art and historic statue with fine Museums in the country. Washington DC shows you the history, arts, culture, and nature. You can naturally paintings 140,000, drawing photos, and sculptures. National Museum library and history 146 million specimens and objects collection. The National Air, Space Museum is the biggest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world, including the original Wright brothers’ 1903 flyer. National Archives Museum, National Museum of African American History culture where you’ll find the three most historically important documents in America: The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These are museums that are completely free to visit and worth visiting.

President palace named White house named in 1902 from president Theodore Roosevelt as Executive Mansion. White House Has the East wing and west wing full covered with security in the mansion. White House has renovated and rebuilt several times in war situations and structural weakness.

In the Capitol, the ancient Greek and Roman architecture are observed in the interior everywhere and renovation, moderation efforts over the past years. The Big Building has the ceremonial space also serving the art gallery national security hall in it. National Mall eastern end has the American Government branch and senate in the north wing with House of representatives in Hall. In the Capitol, you can see the seats of the library of congressman and the National mall in it.


Miami is a beautiful place to enjoy the beaches with the sound of the ocean and spend time with your partners. Miami is a beautiful place to spend in the summer season and enjoy the national parks with wildlife. Miami has many places to visit and experience the beautiful places in the city. South Beach is the hotspot for world-class hotels with rich, heritage, and stunning scenery. South beach is round-the-clock in the ocean drive. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the hotel sit down for coffee with a backdrop of iconic beach views. Lummus park has a specular view between the ocean drive and the Atlantic Ocean. You can even spend time running around the beaches and fitness. You can see colorful lifeguard towers every and greater Miami area.

Miami is also a famous Cuban life and culture in little Havana district. Here you can also see the restaurants, bakeries, and markets. You can see the Hollywood fame star in the street and entertainment industry walkthrough walk of fame. A cigar which is a handmade and ice cream company is famous in Miami. You can also see the memorial of Boulevard park hero’s fought for Cuban independence.


Arts Hub, with 70 galleries and museums located in Wynwood, is a former manufacturing district. Walls are turned down into graffiti artists’ paintings and attracted millions of tourists all over the world.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is famous in Miami, which is located in coral gables. Here garden collection of 23,000 tropical plants and various plants, herbs, vine, trees in it. the park has a walk of a rain forest setting with butterflies and a wing of tropics. You can also enjoy the museum and learning with the conservation of faculty.

·        Los Angeles 

Los Angles is famous in the America and symbol for Hollywood movies with sign in the hill. Los Angles is a beautiful place to spend time with partners and make parties on the beach. Los Angle is an exciting place to shop in the market and known historical moments of America. Los Angle has so many places to visit and experience them.

In Los Angles, the famous place for shopping is the Grand Central Market hall, which is around 30,000 square foot arcade with food aquarium and retail marketplace in downtown. Los Angles is a full eating experience that showed all-around places with ingredients, chefs, and entrepreneurs. Los Angles are covered up entire food vendors in the market.

L.A. has the open observation deck from tower skyspace, which is a more iconic U.S. bank tower in Los Angeles in the city. You need to be braver to have experience the 45-foot sky slide in the fully enclosed in the downtown. You can take the 1000 feet above downtown in Los Angeles in the city.


Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles gives you more experience in the downtown with Hollywood sign. It gives a more extensive array of space and science displays. You can feel the memorable exhibits is the tesla coil.

Hollywood sign is famous for every Hollywood film, which is landmarks, and the cultural icon is located in Los Angeles. You need to have look HOLLYWOOD from the 45-foot tall white capital letter and 352 long, which is sign in 1923. You can also see the parks, Disney land, Hollywood, Universal Studios, and the famous Jurassic Park in Los Angeles. You can see the Back to the future, pyscho and more films sets in the Los Angeles park.

Hollywood is the entertainment industry in Los Angele, which has actors, directors, musicians, producers, fictional characters, and others. Stars that are embedded in sidewalks along with the Hollywood in Street and iconic entrance made, which is popular around both residents and visitors. Santa Monica is large with legendary American Highway in Route 66, symbolizing that this road. You can see the pacific park and amusement park with the solar-paneled Ferris wheel.