One of the most spectacular activities ever is visiting a waterfall. Seeing gallons of water nearly falling from the sky at its maximum intensity is one of the most jaw-dropping miracles of nature. Although it is exhilarating to stand under certain waterfalls, there are others that are actually inspirational to watch.


Something that can only be explained when you first see a waterfall is the image of foamy water flowing over the rocks and into a pool that leaves you in a mist of freshness. Fortunately for us, all of this and more were provided by the world’s greatest waterfalls.

The experts at Property Turkey have listed the top 10 most stunning waterfalls in the world to help lead you to your next trip that you can be sure to add to your travel bucket list.

Here is the list of The top 10 most stunning waterfalls in the world:

  1. Niagara Falls
  2. Angel Falls
  3. Kaieteur Falls
  4. Victoria Falls
  5. Sutherland Falls
  6. Yosemite Falls
  7. Iguazu Falls
  8. Gullfoss
  9. Dettifoss Falls
  10. Plitvice Waterfalls

1.Niagara Falls,USA/Canada:

Niagara Falls

Unquestionably, the most famous waterfall on the world is Niagara Falls, on the border between the USA and Canada. It receives between 14 and 20 million visitors annually. For many careless and courageous deeds, such as that done by Annie Edson Taylor, who experienced a voyage in a vessel across the Niagara Falls, it was the venue.

It is far from the highest waterfall at 1203 metres high, but it is the falls with the most important volume of water flowing through them. It has three distinct sections: American Falls, Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls, or Canadian Falls. From the boat, the most beautiful view is

2.Angel Falls,Canada/New York:

Angel Falls Waterfalls

In Venezuela, Angel Falls is situated in Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It drops from the Auyantepui into what is known as the Devil’s Canyon, 979 metres below, the world’s largest waterfall.

The indigenous people named it Kerepakupai-mer, but after Jimmy Angel, an American bush pilot and gold-hunting explorer, who discovered it in 1937, it was renamed Angel Falls. The height of the drop is so immense that the water is atomized by the powerful breezes before going down near the ground and turned into the mist.

3.Kaieteur Falls,Guyana:

Kaieteur Falls

The Kaieteur Falls, situated in the Amazon rainforest, is the world’s biggest single drop waterfall if we equate the amount of water pouring over it. When its height and volume are measured, it is nearly five times higher than Niagara Falls but almost twice as high as Victoria Falls, making it one of the world’s most powerful and magnificent waterfalls.

4.Victoria Falls, Zambia / Zimbabwe:

Victoria Falls Waterfalls

Victoria Falls portrays the world’s most spectacular falling water curtain, a majestic sight of elegance on the Zambezi River, forming the Zambia-Zimbabwe border.

Shower columns could be seen from miles away as more than 500 million cubic metres of water per minute sinks over the edge, over two kilometres in diameter, into a gorge about 100 metres below, at the peak of the monsoon. One of the most amazing travels on earth is heading overland from Cape Town to the magnificent Victoria Falls.

5.Sutherland Falls, New Zealand:

Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls beautiful 580 m waterfall was undoubtedly the most stunning waterfall in New Zealand, in a country that holds a special place in our hearts. It was heads-and-shoulders higher for Julie and I than the other waterfalls we saw in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

And we certainly had to win our tour because of its remote location deep in the wild and magnificent Fiordland National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Area).

It sat in one of New Zealand’s most scenic locations as one of the attractions of the Milford Track, declared to be one of the finest walks in the country. Indeed, there was a lot going for this waterfall, and we just had to make space on this list for it.

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6.Yosemite Falls,USA:

If this waterfall doesn’t flood year-round, for a large part of the year it does flood. Plus, it plunged a whopping 2,425 feet, making it one of the world’s tallest. As the crown jewel of tourism in the incomparable Yosemite Valley, from either a multitude of views and trails, we managed to see this waterfall.

So many times and in so many respects, Julie and I have seen this collapse that we begin to think of it as an old friend. So we had no question about including this waterfall in our Top 10 Best Waterfalls List, given its easy accessibility, scenery, venue, and sheer scale.

7.Iguazu Falls, Argentina / Brazil:

Iguazu Falls Waterfalls

The Iguazu Falls, near the border of Brazil and Argentina, are waterfalls on the Iguazu River. The falls are the world’s biggest waterfall collection, and although most of them are on the Argentine side, Brazil still has some slides. Legend has it that a god wished to marry a girl who fled with her lover in a canoe found in 1541, and in rage, he cut the river, causing waterfalls and an endless plunge for both of them.



Gullfoss, probably the most popular attraction in Iceland, is a large waterfall on the Hvita River that starts at Langjokull Glacial Lake. Gullfoss means ‘golden drop’ because, in the sunlight, the glacial deposit in the water turns golden. The waterfall, 32 metres tall, falls at nearly right angles to each other in two levels.

The crevice is obscured from view as one first approaches the falls, so it seems like the mighty Hvita River is actually dissolving into the ground. It is both novel and impressive because of this special aspect of the falls.

9. Dettifoss Falls, Europe:

It is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. You can sense the earth shaking by supplying frozen melt-waters over the 44-meter cliff unregulated at a rate of around 500 cubic metres per second.

Situated at the top of the magnificent Jökulsárgljúfur (the Icelandic variant of the Grand Canyon), on the same mountain, it is surrounded by three other significant waterfalls.The natural and raw landscape that characterises Iceland is epitomised.

10.Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia:

Plitvice Waterfalls

In Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its lakes arrayed with rapids. At present, 16 cascading lakes can be seen and are characterised by their distinctive colours of crystal-clear emerald and turquoise hues.

The walls have been formed by water moving through the limestone and chalk over the years , leading to natural dams that make extremely striking waterfalls as well as rivers and caves. More than 1,200,000 tourists explore the national park each year.