Everybody deserves a fair share of romance. While in Hyderabad, you are likely to be disappointed with the amount of choices available for your lover to arrange a romantic date. For a couple madly in love, the city has a lot to sell, from ancient landmarks converted into luxury hotels to unique restaurants that could lead you to a different world entirely. This article will be your reference for everyone, whether you want to go for a long weekend holiday or a charming dinner date.

Hyderabad Spots for Couples:

  1. Stone Waters
  2. Choodi Bazaar
  3. Air Café Lounge
  4. Hussain Sagar Lake
  5. Necklace Road
  6. Dialogue in the Dark
  7. Ramoji Film City
  8. Golkonda Fort
  9. Cheruvu Durgum
  10. Ananthagiri Hills
  11. Falaknuma Palace

1.Stone Waters:

Stone Waters in Jubilee Hills

In the competitive Jubilee Hills region, Stone Waters has indeed made quite a name for itself as a newcomer. The restaurant, with a wide view of the surrounding city, is situated on a rooftop.

Through their drinks menu, the spot serves some lip-smacking cuisine and tests quite a lot. A main attribute of the venue is that nearly every day there is live music playing here. On the weekends, the areas are very busy and you may have to wait for a while.

2. Choodi Bazaar:

Choodi Bazaar

The Old City’s Choodi Bazaar is a popular market for locals and tourists alike. However, the night bazaar gives a whole new angle to it. For the various styles of jewellery, you can walk through the market with your loved one hand-in – hand and window-shop.  In addition, you can indulge in the street food available. A advantage of the night bazaar is that the Charminar also provides a stunning view.

3. Air Cafe Lou5nge (Restaurant):

Air Cafe Lounge at Hyderabad

One of Hyderabad ‘s finest rooftop lounges is the Air Cafe lounge. The cafe even has an impressive dance floor where, with your loved one, you can move a leg on your fantasy date night out.With funky music which keeps the romantic mood alive, the atmosphere is set abuzz. It is also popular that the cafe offers some tasty food for you to indulge in.

4. Hussain Sagar Lake:

Necklace Road, Romantic Places in Hyderabad

Lake Hussain Sagar is a mere two kilometres from the city of Hyderabad. The lake happens to be one of Hyderabad’s biggest man-made lakes. It acts as the intersection between Secunderabad and Hyderabad.There are many water-based events taking place here, but the night ferries carried out here are very romantic. You can watch the lovely sunset from the ferries at night. At 8 am, the lake opens and is open until 10 pm at night. At 7 pm, the night ferries starts.

5. Necklace Road:

The Necklace Road at night

In Hyderabad, Necklace Road is a well-known boulevard. It is renowned for its magnificent view of Sagar Lake in Hussain. The route is named after the road that is known as the “Queen’s Necklace” in Mumbai’s Marine Drive.

You could find some of Hyderabad’s best restaurants here. Go a long drive here too and grab a bite as you take in this mesmerising city ‘s view. You can visit the road and only hang around the boulevard or visit one of your sibling’s restaurants.

6. Dialogue in the Dark:

Dialogues in the dark

When it comes to dining with your loved one, a conversation in the dark provides a whole new experience. The restaurant absolutely serves its food in the dark and allows you to rely on a sense other than that of sight. You are directed to the table by your waiter and you rely entirely on your taste buds and sense of touch as your only source of knowledge from there. When you both have to rely on each other during the meal, you and your loved one will be totally blown away by this encounter..

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7. Ramoji Film City:

Ramoji Film City, Romantic Places in Hyderabad

Is your partner a film buff and are you in a struggle to build magic for a dream start between the cinematic hues? For a tour behind the scenes of the Live Studios to get a glimpse of the backstage tasks performed in Bollywood and Tollywood films, schedule a trip to the main attraction of Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City.

Inside the vast campus, you can book hotels and dive into the grandeur of luxury where your favourite stars have starred in the biggest cinematic hits. Not just that, this theme park provides a wealth of fun events such as action sports (Bungee ejection, spinning and circle climbing, baseball, cricket), studio tours (Askari Garden, Mughal Garden, Japanese Garden, Angel’s Fountain Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Sanctuary Garden), Cinematic Magic Park ,earthquake tremors, Filmi Duniya, amazing sound effects, virtual acoustic effects, In one of the fine-dining restaurants, tie it up with a date night with your love would double the fun.

8. Golkonda Fort:

Golconda Fort, Romantic Places in Hyderabad

The Fort of Golkonda is an unexpected addition to this list, but give this a try. Golkonda Fort is fitted with a royal past that can be explored by you and your partner. Take a guided tour by yourself or discover it. The fort also hosts a show of light and sound that can turn your evening into something unique. One piece of advice is that you bring a lot of water on your ride here and stay hydrated.

9. Cheruvu Durgum:


Durgum Cheruvu is a freshwater lake situated in the Rangareddy district, Telangana. Fancy bringing your partner to ‘Hidden Lake.’ A mechanised sailing, motor scooter and paddle sailing that are also accessible here can be taken for a merry trip, or go on a romantic stroll along the motor. The picturesque lake provides a calm escape from the busy, fast-paced life of the region. You and your love interest still have the possibility of trekking your way to the lake if you are trekker-love birds.

10. Ananthagiri Hills:

The scenic Ananthagiri Hills

One of the most peaceful and mind-captivating places you’ll ever visit in Hyderabad is the Ananthagiri Hills. The hills are where the famous River Musi originates from. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and several native flora and fauna inhabit it. The serenity and tranquillity the place has to offer can be appreciated. With your significant other, you will spend some time admiring the magnificent beauty.

11. Falaknuma Palace:

Falaknuma Palace, Romantic Places in Hyderabad

The most luxurious hotel in all of Hyderabad is possibly the Falaknuma Palace. The building is built to look like the Royal Palace of the 19th century. Each part of the Palace of Falaknuma exudes royal charm. The premises include an in-house spa, a restaurant with fine dining, and opulent interiors. The hotel is located 200 feet above Hyderabad, and every hotel room overlooks the city of Nawabi.